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Why Do We Send Mithai on Festivities?
Being part of the Pakistani heritage, one has to be known to the fact that sending gifts is one of the most important essences of the culture. This has become the fact that each occasion is symbolized by a particular gift that is observed to be given by many people. The main reason is that it is considered that sharing gifts can double happiness and wash awa ... Read More

Send Flowers With Love
As we see nature all around, flowers have been one of the major ways to actually tell how beautiful nature is. So when you see them, it freshens you and looks good to the eyes as well. This idea was initiated to send gifts in Pakistan and flowers were sent as a sorry note or when someone does not feel well. Thi ... Read More

Sending Cakes as Gifts to your Loved ones

In the fast-paced world, sending gifts is one of the major necessities to show your loved ones your care and affection. People expect to rejoice and cherish moments with sharing love and gifts exchange is one of the important parts. In this way, one can easily let out their emotions and make their loved ones feel special. Sending gifts to PakistanRead More

Sending Gifts With Love and Care
Whenever it comes to sending Pakistani gifts, it is one difficult task as the choice of every other person varies. Something that you like may not be liked by the other person. Also if you choose to send gifts by just buying some and simply delivering it, the person straight away gets the vibes that a thought process was not involved before sending the gift. ... Read More

Pakistani Gifts at a Glance
Gifts are ways for people to interact and share love among everyone. We all know that the easiest way to make your loved ones is by sending gifts. Even if it's somebody is getting married, birthdays or are not feeling well. Pakistani gifts can be the most convenient way to share happiness and add into other good times. Our culture makes us learn that we ... Read More

Sending Flower Jewelry As Gifts
In Pakistan, wedding season has been on peak and after a few days, the season is going to start yet again. There is no denial in the fact that sending gifts in Pakistan and celebrating happiness is one of the most common practices. Also, the fact that the only way that seems to be very appealing for showing their importance is by sharing gifts. Especially Pa ... Read More

Gift Giving Culture in Pakistan
Not only in Islamic culture but through out Pakistan, we have observed and also practice the tradition of sharing and giving love, affection on not only special occasions but also on normal days to make our loved one realize that they matter to us. This is done by sending gifts and sharing our joyous moments with them.

We know that on occasions lik ... Read More

Why Send Online Gifts to Pakistan?
It was the old times when cakes and bakery items were only taken to people's house when it was a birthday or some major festivity. By then, baking was also not a very big thing and very fewer people were in it. To send gifts, like a cake, people would wait for longer times so that they would exchange gifts but now with the progress and time moving forwar ... Read More

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