Send gifts to Pakistan like flowers, cakes, mithai and chocolates.


Blog- Sending Gifts to Pakistan

Gift Giving Culture in Pakistan
Not only in Islamic culture but through out Pakistan, we have observed and also practice the tradition of sharing and giving love, affection on not only special occasions but also on normal days to make our loved one realize that they matter to us. This is done by sending gifts and sharing our joyous moments with them.

We know that on occasions lik ... Read More

Why Send Online Gifts to Pakistan?
It was the old times when cakes and bakery items were only taken to people's house when it was a birthday or some major festivity. By then, baking was also not a very big thing and very fewer people were in it. To send gifts, like a cake, people would wait for longer times so that they would exchange gifts but now with the progress and time moving forwar ... Read More

Send Flowers To All People You Love
Sometimes it can get very difficult for one to choose and send gifts for their loved ones and the reason is that all the people have very different choice and sending gifts can become a difficult job to do so because you then have to look into a huge lot of Pakistani gift shops and they may not be able to have the things that the receiver may like. In such a ... Read More


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