Send gifts to Pakistan like flowers, cakes, mithai and chocolates.


Blog- Sending Gifts to Pakistan

How to Send Gifts to Pakistan
The subcontinental tradition is all about the values, sharing your love and hostage of your loved ones. This has become necessary to take a little token of love to your relatives or close friends who you have to visit. In some cases when you have something good to share within your family, the birth of a child it is very obvious for people to send gifts ... Read More

Send Mithai to Pakistan Through Our Service
In our sub-continent and the Pakistani culture, mithai has to be the most important for all type of occasions. It is the best way to show our love and gratitude by sending mithai to the people you love. Mithai is the most convenient yet the best way to share the love and people always prefer it without saying no when once offered. As being part of the cultur ... Read More

Sending Gifts to Pakistan in Current Times
After the havoc of taxes soaring and an increase in the prices, the taxation is high in skies. Accordingly, the duties for export has soared likewise. With that, sending gifts has become difficult for the people outside the territorial boundaries of Pakistan. We have so many people who reside across the world and earning for good while their families are her ... Read More

Floral Arrangements on Weddings
Spring season has just passed by and all the flowers are screaming for its goodness. Now we know that along with the spring comes the wedding season and for that flowers are one of the most important as it enhances the beauty of the venue by adding colors and fragrance. Sending gifts in Pakistan is one of the most important things that people do in ... Read More

Send Cakes to Pakistan On Every Occasion
In the times before, baking cakes seemed to be a high profile job and a very few people owned ovens to do so. In this way, it was made easy for people to buy them from bakeries and send cakes to the people they were visiting or maybe because they wanted to share some sort of good news. Cakes were, more importantly, a tradition to be cut especially on birthda ... Read More

Send Gifts to Pakistan on every Occasion and Get Special Discount

On every occasion, giving gifts is one of the crucial parts which means that if this is a happy occasion you need to appreciate the person by sending gifts so they feel appreciated and loved. One can exchange gifts when it's a birthday, a person's accomplishment or a happy moment. The gift may be given in the form of money or anything that a perso ... Read More


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